Handmade Skincare Created Through A Mothers Live For Her Son ❤️

Our Story

Co-founder of Care By Jords Jordan Hamilton launching at Return to Your Roots 2019

Care By Jords is the result of a journey that me and my Mom were forced to go through, to improve our own confidence & self-esteem levels. We were able to this thanks to my mother’s expertise being a practising homeopath for over 30 years and my hours of research into the skincare industry.

Initially we were only focusing on ourselves and using organic skincare to solve our problems until we realised that we had created a solution that I soon realised could change people’s lives.

Now you can benefit from the result of this.

Our first product the Hydrating Face & Body Lotion was created because I often suffered from dermatitis and dry skin having regular eczema flare ups and my mother acne scars and oily skin.

We needed a product that could soothe my skin, hydrate it all day without leaving an oily residue. And she needed a product that would help to fade scars and give her a matte finish. Something that would make our skin look smooth and healthy whilst making us smell amazing.

Together we created something that satisfied those needs and so much more with some of the finest high performing organic ingredients we could find.

The rest of the solutions or products that we have since created flowed from personal experiences and healing's that we both have had to go through.

Sourcing natural and organic ingredients for our formulations as locally as we could and making effort to encourage recycling through the use of our unique packaging.

Early on we decided not to use chemicals that are allegedly bad for your health, not because we were certain about their effects but because we believed that for you it wasn’t worth the risk.

Our research into this area resulted in becoming a part of the BBC documentary Health Truth or Scare: The truth about cosmetics where we highlighted issues regarding harmful personal care ingredients alongside a cosmetic scientist.

This emphasised to us the need for what was to become Care By Jords.

And it brings us to the here and now

Where we are able to bring these solutions to you.

To help you feel more confident about yourself and enable you to realise your true potential.

Genuine care

Uncompromising quality

Real results

Founded on integrity

Built to increase confidence

Because we care about you

Care By Jords

Inspire others, Be yourself



Our Mission

At Care By Jords with every step and move we make we are working towards the ultimate goal of collectively raising the confidence of as many people as possible.

We believe that a lack of confidence is the barrier stopping us from truly excelling in our lives and that our appearance makes up a large part of that.

Now would you agree that when one person in a group becomes more confident in themselves or begins to excel in a certain part of their life other members of the group begin to do the same?

This is our core belief that the best way to get someone to do better in their lives is to enable them to believe that they can and the best way to do that is for them to see someone close to them begin to excel and do better for themselves.

Which is why we will improve the way in which you look at yourself making you more confident and enabling you to truly be the person you are destined to be and inspire others to do the same.

Yours Sincerely

Jordan Hamilton aka Jords


What is Care By Jords?